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Fresh New Start after PA Bankruptcy or NJ Bankruptcy

Considering PA Bankruptcy or NJ Bankruptcy?

Considering bankruptcy? Let our expert PA Bankruptcy Attorneys and expert NJ Bankruptcy Attorneys get you back on track. We stop creditor harassment, lawsuits, garnishments, foreclosures, and attempted repossessions...immediately! Many of our loyal clients are able to keep their property post bankruptcy, including their cars, homes, and furnishings. Having successfully completed PA Bankruptcies and NJ Bankruptcies for the last fifty years, bringing relief to countless individuals and families throughout Pennsylvania (PA) and New Jersey (NJ), our PA Bankruptcy Attorneys and NJ Bankruptcy Attorneys are confident that we will get you the fresh start you need, and the peace of mind you deserve.

PA Bankruptcy, NJ Bankruptcy, & Your Credit

After a PA bankruptcy or a NJ Bankruptcy your credit score may even improve. After bankruptcy all debt is removed from your credit reports. With careful financial management and responsible spending, it is possible to have a credit score 700 hundred or higher within as little as a few years after a successful PA bankruptcy or NJ Bankruptcy.

Fresh New Start after PA Bankruptcy or NJ Bankruptcy

PA Bankruptcy & NJ Bankruptcy

The current Pennsylvania (PA) and New Jersey (NJ) economic climate has caused millions of honest and hardworking Americans, who deserve better, to lose their jobs, suffer pay cuts, or be forced into lower paying positions. The stress that many face often result in divorce and even illness. Filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 PA Bankruptcy or NJ Bankruptcy relief will wipe out your debt, the related stress, and give you a clean slate for a fresh start. Additionally, our attorneys offer our ongoing services and are more than happy to litigate to protect the rights of our loyal clients under the Fair Debt Collections Act (FDCA), which many harassing creditors are in violation of. At Hopkins & Schafkopf, we guarantee that a PA Bankruptcy or a NJ bankruptcy will improve your situation, and we will guide you through the process at a price you can afford!

PA Bankruptcy, NJ Bankruptcy, & the New Bankruptcy Reform Laws

The new 2005 bankruptcy laws have many individuals believing that they don't qualify for a PA Bankruptcy or a NJ Bankruptcy. In truth, however, 90% of those who qualified for a PA Bankruptcy or a NJ Bankruptcy prior to 2005 still qualify for Chapter 6 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. The majority of qualified individuals are able to discharge 100% of their debt. Our Bankruptcy Attorneys will walk you through the qualification process and get you the relief you need.

PA Bankruptcy & NJ Bankruptcy Expert Attorneys

With more than 50 years experience practicing law and business in NJ and PA, we have narrowed helping individuals and families resolve debt problems through bankruptcy protection down to a science, and our happy clients are testimony to that fact. Let our PA Bankruptcy Lawyers and NJ Bankruptcy Lawyers help you in ways that only experience can offer.

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